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Endless Flow: The Inspired Ink Calligraphy Of Brian Chen
Brian Chen

Category: Calligraphy
Location: Beijing

Traditional Chinese calligraphy dates back to the 15th century BC and is an art form that uses written characters as a means of expression.  In ancient times and up to the present day, the mastery of elegant calligraphy was considered to be an important accomplishment of a learned and cultured person. The texts presented as works of art were most commonly taken from classical literature, usually poetry.

We are pleased to present here five exquisite pieces of calligraphic art by Brian Chen, a precocious and richly talented young man who has been patiently practicing this complex art since a young age.  He has won awards for his calligraphy in both China and the US.

At WGI, we deeply value the power of art as a form of intercultural communication that transcends borders and barriers, and the work of Brian Chen is a shining example of this ongoing process of global sharing.

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