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SUSTAINABILITY INSIGHTS is a new occasional series from WGI that provides valuable short articles from experts and other stakeholders around the key issues of global sustainability. While some articles will directly address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), others will offer important perceptions on related topics that impact global development and human well-being.

The authors in this series are all WGI interns and students.


               Robin Lewis

             Jasmine Wang

Education for Her

Joy Kong

Panda Program Project

Columbia University Impact Investing Case Study Project (IICSP)

                                               Tengkai (Kevin) Yu

Tech for Good

Columbia University Impact Investing Case Study Project (IICSP)

                                                      Zicong Yang

Privacy in the Big Data Era

Columbia University Impact Investing Case Study Project (IICSP)

                                                       Yufeng Sun

Healthier Mindset for Well-Being and  Health

Columbia University Impact Investing Case Study Project (IICSP)

                                                      Jingjing Liu

Driven by a vision of promoting Good Health and Well-Being, our business, under the mantra of "Doing Well by Doing Good,” acts according to well-established business practices, while intersecting with our goal of producing social impact...

Sustainable Cities and Communities
Yiyang Li

A healthy and sustainable environment should be the goal of every society. In 2015, the United Nations approved unanimously the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The UN hopes that societies worldwide can put emphasis on and achieve these goals by the year 2030...

Sustainability & Management
Jeff Dong

Sustainable Real Estate Development and Impact Investing
Qixuan Wang

The world of the 21st century is different from that of a century ago. Population growth, industrial and educational development, intercontinental travel, and technology present the planet with greater possibilities than ever, but also greater challenges......

Artificial Intelligence Helps Build Smart Cities
Han Bao

Artificial Intelligence (AI), a term most people have only heard in movie franchises like Terminator, is becoming increasingly pervasive in our daily lives......

Fertility Penalties for Flexible Employment
Yidan Qin

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